Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing Conference

While I have attended several writing conferences in the past, I wish I would have taken advantage of this particular conference earlier: Life, the Universe, and Everything (LTUE). LTUE is one of the
cheapest writing conferences I have ever seen, and to beat the normal price, they offer free admission to students. It is a three day conference focusing on all things related to Science Fiction and Fantasy. While all three days are full of information for authors, they also have events for artists, gamers, and film junkies.

LTUE is mostly targeted to those who are pre-published or newer authors. While the guest of honor (Orson Scott Card) and special guests (Brandon Sanderson being among them) all have a lot of published works, there were also panelists who had only published one book. It was great to get a variety of perspectives and meet new people.

I also enjoyed seeing familiar faces such as my ex-roommates Allison Hymas and Sarah E. Seeley, and friend Chad Morris, all whom are authors.

 I attended the following one-hour sessions:
-Agent or No Agent?
-Write What You Don't Know
-Why Economics Matters
-Henchmen Don't Have to Suck
-From Start to Finish: Drafting the Manuscript
-This is Your Life
-Drawing Upon Folklore
-Writing for Boys
-The Best Books for Children and YA
-Lovable Bad Boys
-Writing Children's Books
-Description in Writing

If you do the math, I spent approximately 12 hours at the conference over a three day period. And yet I could have gone to so much more. I think I only went to about a third of the conference, since it started every day at 9am and lasted until 9pm.

Nevertheless, I had a fabulous and enlightening experience, and an increased desire to continue my writing. We'll see if that desire is enough to get me to commit to writing daily. If I learned anything from all of the mothers at the conference, it is that you can make time for writing, even if it's only during your children's nap time. The trick is making it a priority. And I still haven't quite figured out how to do that yet- I've got classes, work, exercise, church, and a summer job hunt all bidding for priority status right now.


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