Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day

Matt's Carrel. He didn't see it coming. I decorated his carrel the night before while I was at a "writing conference." (I went, so I wasn't lying, but I left early to do his carrel). The small pink book on the table was a photo album so he could take the pictures down and store them.

I sent Matt on a short scavenger hunt throughout the house. He had to figure out the end of each rhyme in order to find where each candy bar/ sweet was. Here are some examples: 
1.     Pool table- sweettart
If you’re good with a stick and feeling cool, 
Go to the table where we play _________
2.     Shelf- starburst
This next one is tricky, don’t second-guess yourself
You’ll find your clue on a bathroom ________
3.     Front room fireplace- big hunk
If you’re feeling cramped and need some space
Go to the front room by the fire__________
4.     Backyard deck- snickers
Is the door locked? You’ll have to check--
Through the kitchen to the backyard _______
7.     Entertainment room TV- u-no
Wanna watch the Olympics? Do you have some time free?
Check out the space around the _______.

Since we were celebrating Korean style, we went out for Shabu-Shabu in Park City. Shabu-Shabu is a a traditional Korean/ Japanese meal where you start out with a portable gas stove and a bowl full of boiling broth (see pictures below). You slowly add raw materials (vegetables, thinly sliced raw meat, and noodles) and they cook in the broth and add flavor. It was a unique experience.

And I made Cherry yum-yum for dessert. The heart is made out of cherry pie filling, which is also found underneath the whipcream/ cream cheese topping. Thanks to Matt's mom for sending me detailed instructions!

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