Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gun O'Clock: Revisited

To understand this blog post, it is important to read this post first.

Although we have received great pleasure from shooting the alarm clock in the morning, there has been one main problem: turning it off. The gun o'clock was designed to be turned off when you actually got up and pressed the button. However, the button is not clearly marked, and so if you don't have the instructions nearby, you wouldn't know how to do it.

The most recent occurrence of these problems is when Matt pulled it out of storage for the first time on Sunday. After many failed attempts to turn it off (Which button is it? I pressed all of them!!) on Monday and Tuesday, I resorted to hiding the clock in another room, buried under a pile of blankets. And yes, I tried taking out the batteries and couldn't get the little screw to come out.

Also, as previously mentioned in my last post, the battery problems usually involve the clock face going blank, leaving the impression that it turned off (or is broken). However, minutes later the numbers will again appear (sometimes with the correct time- as if nothing had happened. Other times the it will reset but creepily remember when the alarm should go off).

While the gun o'clock is a great idea, the past glitches and the problems I had over the weekend have caused me to re-think my perception of the "perfect gift" I thought it was a year ago.


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