Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dear Dash: Fourteen Months

Dear Dash,
We've been to lots of parks this month!
You aren't a fan of the playground, but you love walking around,
and looking at ducks and dogs. 
You are still obsessed with phones. Especially looking at pictures.
We celebrated the lunar new year at a Korean restaurant.
In Korea, you add an extra year to your life when the new year hits,
so you would technically be 2 years old.
We also visited several museums this month-
you loved touching the fossils at the dinosaur museum.

And you loved the displays at the Bean Museum of Natural History

Dad sprained his ankle so you have been helping him with exercises.

You got a cold and ear infection this last week.
So you spent a lot of time sleeping. 
You decided not to eat when you were sick.
It was no fun.

We sure love you!

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  1. Can't believe he's walking around like a big person!


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