Saturday, January 3, 2015


This last week has been full of disappointment. Last Saturday, I started having real, regular contractions and we went to bed absolutely certain we would be parents the next day. But when I woke up, the contractions had ended. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get them to come back. Walking, eating pineapple and spicy foods, etc. Each night we would go to bed hopeful that the next day, we would have a baby. And each morning, we've been disappointed. I've never felt so frustrated or hopeless.

However, just because we felt disappointed at times this week, that doesn't mean that we gave up on enjoying the holiday break. We've been able to do a lot of things that we couldn't have if the baby were here. For example, I've been able to visit my family several times this week while Matt went to work. I've been able to do the last few loads of baby laundry, finish up nursery decorations, play games, visit with extended family members, and watch several movies. I was able to attend my sister-in-law's baby shower and go to the dentist. Even though a lot of these were errands and things that I could have gone without doing, I am grateful that they could be done. By the time the baby finally decides to come, I think I'll have run every possible errand I can think of. It's been nice to enjoy the last few days of "freedom."

If I were to make any suggestions for the last two weeks of pregnancy (be they weeks 38-40 or 39-41) it would be to plan fun things to do with your spouse and family members. Anything you can think of that would be difficult to do with a baby. That way, when the baby does decide to arrive, you know you took full advantage of the time you had, instead of dwelling on the fact that the baby didn't come when he was 'supposed' to.

Looks like I'll be getting my haircut today!



  1. Well done Rebekah.
    p.s. I like the font you used! :)

  2. We missed you at church! I was hoping it was because you had had your little boy. Hang in there and please let me know if you need anything!

  3. We did have the baby!^^ Thanks for your support!


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