Thursday, November 14, 2013

Status Update

So there's this hilarious app on facebook "What Would I Say?" that will automatically generate a status that sounds like you. Except not.  However, it actually led to some great one-liners, which I will include in italics in the following story.

*Two teenagers, Mandi and Holli, are whispering in a school hallway about how Mandi gave her 'creative answer' to a boy who had asked her out to prom.*
"So then, it was going to navigate, but the GPS wasn't hooked in correctly."
"What did you do?"
"I took out the wires and switched which colors they were attached to."
"Wow, after that, you are a technical wonder! I'm calling you the next time I have GPS trouble!"
"Thanks. We got to the house early, hoping to surprise him. But when I asked his mom when he would be home, she was like 'Well, he's actually already here."
"Oh, no!"
"Yeah, so then Suzi was like, 'That totally ruined the prank you were planning! What are we going to do?"
"And I was all, *sniff* "I don't know...But then we realized he could be distracted playing ping pong."
"So he didn't see you?"
"Well, Suzi distracted him by offering to play a few rounds while I said I was going to the bathroom. I snuck into his room and hid a bunch of hints and arrows to point him in the right direction. I thought for sure I'd be caught because it took almost 20 minutes, but when I can out, they were still playing."
"Shut up, was he still going?"
"Well, he's a part of the ping pong table, it seems. So I played it cool, and was like, "Who's playing next?" and then he pointed to Suzi and was like, "she said you are.""
"So did he ever figure it out?"
"No! He didn't find out until later that night when he texted me and asked when I did it."


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