Sunday, November 3, 2013


Have you ever read the book BFG by Roald Dahl? It's one of my favorites. In it, a giant mixes dreams together and then goes out during the night to blow the dreams into little kid's rooms. One of my favorite chapters is when Sophie, a little girl, is examining the different labels to the dreams that the giant has created. So, I thought I would include "label like" summaries of the various dreams that I can remember having this past month. I only ask that you refrain from trying to interpret these dreams. 

"You are traveling in a blue car and you stay overnight in a hotel. When you wake up in the morning, all of the tires to every blue car in the parking lot have been slashed. All the other colored cars are chained up or have boots."

"You are a law student who is writing your 30 page substantial writing paper for Federal Indian Law. Your professor agrees to let you write 30 pages of Native American poetry instead."

"This dream is the reverse of Moby Dick. A whale is ruthlessly hunting down a man hiding on an island. The whale has a spy network and really good periscopes in order to do this."

"Your law school forms a swim team that competes on a high school level. You are the coach that must take them to the championships."

"You are running away from Russian spies, but luckily every house in your neighborhood has secret back passes through their fences with which you are uncannily familiar."

"The Law School decides that students aren't getting enough exercise, so they offer a 2 credit gym class, which you sign up for. The class includes weight lifting, running, and flag football."

For the record, I love it when I remember my dreams because at times I think it's the most creative I get. They occasionally supply inspiration for stories that I write. 

For those who participate in NaNoWriMo, writing dreams down is a good way to warm up for the day.

What have your recent dreams been about?


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  1. Loved the Native American poetry dream. Oh, and the two credit gym class. You would rock at that!


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