Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack!!

I remember reading a friend's blog and once she hit her bar studies, she bid the world adieu and stopped blogging for months. I remember thinking that I wouldn't do the same thing, but I basically did. Now that the Bar is over, though...

I finally finished that Family Proclamation Project I started two months ago:

I opened my own Etsy shop! And I had my first sale within a week--which was totally unexpected and awesome. Hopefully I'll have an official logo soon. I'm planning on posting new earrings once a week.

I'm volunteering at a walk-in immigration clinic on Tuesdays, to keep up my lawyering skills. We'll find out about my Bar results in 8-10 weeks, which means end of September/ beginning of October.

The sky is the limit now that I'm done studying. I can read books just for fun, visit family, go to the pool...I might even write a children's book!


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