Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Favicon

Today I changed the favicon for my blog! For those who don't know, a favicon is the little icon next to a webpage name in your browser's tabs section. For example:
See? I used to have the blogger symbol next to "Rhetorical Rebekah."
Now, it's a little thought bubble.
I went through several icons before settling on the thought bubble- the main problem being that pictures look a lot different when they've been shrunk to a minuscule size. Basically, only symbols or letters are recognizable, so if you want to create your own favicon, know that you probably shouldn't pick an actual photo.

This took a LONG time to figure out, but I was able to do it thanks to the following websites:

If you don't see my new favicon when you pull up my blog, you may have to clear your browser's image cache.


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