Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Party That Almost Wasn't

Several weeks ago, I saw so many cute ideas for Halloween snacks that I decided we should have a Halloween party so I could do all of them. We promptly postponed buying supplies and inviting people until this week. After sending out over a dozen texts over the course of several days, we discovered that no one had (to our knowledge) RSVP'd in the affirmative. So we figured the party was off. It was kind of a bummer, but we figured with it being late notice and so close to the holidays that it was understandable. 

Around two hours before the party was scheduled to start, we were at the grocery store and got a couple of calls from people saying they were coming. The party was back on! Since we were already at the store, we got all of the supplies we needed and rushed home to make the following foods: 

After "dinner" we played games. The first was the Snickers game. It involves unwrapping and eating a frozen Snickers Bar with a chopstick. Everyone has a turn to roll the dice to roll the number of the round (we started off with the number one) before passing the dice on. Once you rolled right number, you grab the chopstick and go at it. The winners are those who eat a piece of the candy bar. Matt got creative in this shot and used the chopstick to scoot a chunk off the table and into his mouth.

The second game is "What if...then" where each person writes a "what if" statement on a piece of paper, switching papers with someone else so they answer the question with a "then" statement. You mix up the papers again and have everyone switches off reading a "what if" question while the person next to them answers it with their "then" statement. Not all of them turned out, but the funniest one was, Q: "What if Violet (one of the baby attendees) stopped crying?" A: "Then earplugs would be a useless invention."

We were thrilled that the party actually happened and everyone enjoyed themselves.



  1. Adorable snacks!!! So creative :).

  2. I'm so glad it actually happened! Sorry we were one of the maybes :) I'm amazed what you did with such short notice! It looks great!


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