Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We moved!

Okay, so you already knew we moved if you read June's "month in review," but here are the lessons we've learned from moving:
  • Always assemble your furniture beforehand!! Matt and I thought it would be easier to move if we just left everything in boxes. We just didn't realize it would take 23 hours to assemble everything, which really pushes back unpacking if you don't have a place to put things. 
  • Get lots of helpers. We were blessed with some awesome ward members who helped move everything in one night, and they even helped assemble our table, chairs, and couch, which saved us half of the 23 aforementioned hours of assemblage. 
  • Know where you want to put things. Luckily we were able to tour the apartment beforehand and we saw how the last couple set things up, which helped us in deciding where everything should go.
  • Don't save cardboard boxes. The last house we were in was completely furnished with kitchen items and everything (the joys of house-sitting) so we literally had all of wedding gifts and personal things still in their boxes. We must have had a full room just of collapsed cardboard, which seemed to be half of the battle of clearing out the apartment. So don't save your boxes. 
It took us a week to get everything assembled, unpacked, and thrown away. Matt and I both hate clutter, so it seemed like every spare moment we had was dedicated to making our place livable. And, after seeing the following pictures, you may understand why:

June 26: Our house looks like this. And this is just one room. The boxes were strewn throughout the other rooms, just like this, in a never ending obstacle course. 

June 29: Starting to improve, although we've still got some unpacking to do. Hey look, a bookcase! Just one of the many items we put together that week.

July 2: It's a home!! With decorations and stuff!!
We're glad to be finally settled in. While our new home is much smaller, here are some of the perks:
- Right next to the highway (no more 20 minute commute through the valley!)
- Our bedroom has no windows, which means I don't wake up at 5:30am with the sun


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  1. Enjoyed the virtual tour through unpacking!


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