Friday, April 4, 2014

Law Class Descriptions for the Non-Law Student: Part 2

If you appreciated this post, then here is the latest update on the classes I have taken. Again, I waited until the end of the semester so I could better explain what the courses were about. I only had 4 classes this semester, and it was great to have a lighter load! These course descriptions are given in the form of questions, and the course helped me answer each of them.

  • Evidence: What kind of evidence is allowed during a trial? What are witnesses allowed to testify about? Why do we have rules for admitting evidence, anyway? 
  • Immigrant Rights: What rights and obligations do aliens have while they live in the United States?

  • Immigration Law: What are the requirements to become a citizen? What are the requirements to enter the United States, either for travel or to live here temporarily? 
  • Wills and Estates: What happens to people's stuff after they die? What if they didn't have a Will?


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