Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chronicles: Prince Caspian

We finished reading Prince Caspian today!!! This means we are over halfway done with the Chronicles of Narnia series. A couple important differences about the movie and the book: (1) there is no romantic love between Caspian and Susan, (2) in the movie, there is a scene where they sneak into the castle to get the doctor out- this never happens in the book, (3) Caspian's aunt is not a character in the book, other than the fact it mentions she has a child.

As were were finishing up the book, I was struck with the scene where Caspian is knighted and made king by Peter. You'll notice that Aslan doesn't do this, even though it is present. Then, Caspian knights those around him who will be his counselors. Peter doesn't knight them, even though he is present. It reminded me of the conferral of the priesthood through Peter, James, and John to Joseph Smith, and then Joseph Smith's conferral of the priesthood to the other members of the Church. There is order in all things.

This is almost a story of a "second coming" where people have lost faith in the old traditions and in Aslan. There are different reactions when he comes back, from terrified or ignorant, to excited and loving. It's been a great read, and I'm excited to start a new book next week.


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