Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review


I started dating this guy:
We held hands during Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and had our first kiss after sledding at Rock Canyon Park.


We celebrated Valentine's Day- Korean style. (The men get gifts instead of the women). This is what I left at Matt's carrel (among other things). 
Oh, and Matt met my family at my cousin's wedding reception. No big deal.

I also went to Disneyland with my family!!


We went to a Jazz game with Matt's brother. 

Matt and I took a road trip up to BYU-I. 
We went to the Law School "prom."
We celebrated White Day

And my sister entered the MTC!



We took a mini vacation to celebrate the start of summer break.


I started my internship at the 4th District Court. 
I got into a car accident and a bike accident. (Both the car and I recovered without having to seek professional help).

And we continued to enjoy the summer break.


I spent almost the entire month living in La Crecenta area with my aunt, where I could commute to Los Angeles to work at the Immigration Court. 

While the weather was great and I loved my job, it was wonderful to come home to a REAL soccer game and see this guy again:


I started yet another job. This time, it was at the Career Services Office.
I had a lovely Bridal Shower.
Matt and I spent a lot of time at 7 Peaks. 

And I turned 24.


It happened.
And Disneyland happened.


Matt and I started our second year in our respective graduate programs. These are all my books for this semester.

And we started house sitting for Matt's aunt and uncle.
We've kept most of our things packed (see under ping pong table).


Best. Costumes. Ever.


I sadly didn't take pictures over Thanksgiving break, but I should have. We had a delicious meal at Matt's great aunt's and got to meet a lot of his extended family.

Meanwhile, I kept busy with classes, work, being a Kaplan Rep, and organizing the last Writer's League event of the semester. 


Finals. North Carolina. New Year's. 

Here's to a fabulous and life-changing year.


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