Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beat the Heat

In temperature, my summer has been at both extremes. My house has no air conditioning, and therefore is extremely hot, whereas the church seems to set their air conditioning on 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

My roommate and I experimented and found the following cooling techniques effective:
1. Soak a shirt. You eventually get used to being wet, especially after you realize that your body temperature drops to normal after you put it on.
2. Use a Frogg Togg! It's a towel that you get wet on one side, and it cools you down on the other without getting you wet. I know it sounds fake, but it works and is amazing. There were several nights where I actually slept with this towel, and it really helped.

3. Speaking of sleeping, having cold packs in bed (the kind that don't precipitate) also helped a lot. Especially when you put them on your back or feet. 

Keep Chilly! 
(except at church--then bring a jacket)


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